1-800-395-2274, or how HSBC earns a black eye in America

DL in Maryland said: “I’ve recently been getting A LOT, and I mean A LOT of calls on my cell phone (no land line, I only use my cell) from the phone # 1-800-395-2274. When answered, I would get the computer “please wait for an important message” line…then it would either hang up, or, well, anyway…. Long story short, I finally Googled the number, low and behold, HSBC credit card company.

OK, I’ve (unfortunately) got a few of their cards, and have never been late on a payment. I was puzzled at what the deal was as to why they were (are) calling me (and I mean anywhere from 5-10 calls a day!), and on top of that, would never leave a message.

Well, wanna know something…..have any of you been getting calls from this number? Just type the above phone number in the google search box and look at the results. Read what everyone says. Seems I’m not the only one.”

Editor’s Note: It seems like HSBC is really showing how to drive a business in to the ground. With thousands of complaints from people who mailed their credit card payments early, only to receive a ‘late payment’, and many other shady tactics, calls from 1-800-395-2274 are as frustrating as they come. Impossible to stop, nobody to talk to, and nobody to regulate the problem, seem to be the three biggest complaints.

BD in Texas said: “It is Sunday morning about 9:45 when we received a call from this number. We do not answer these numbers. We get calls from them all the time. We would strongly support a law that would prevent them and others from making these sort of calls. We are tired of the phone harasements that we are constantly receiving.”