20 year history means nothing as HSBC denies hardship

LG in Arizona said: “I have an unsecured loan from hfc that I have been making payments on for years. I am unemployed and on a disability. I have been requesting a hardship payment reduction from HSBC (HFC) for over a year. Each time I request the hardship, I have had to give them a “courtesy payment” to process the application and I have had to send in income verification. Despite the several times I have given courtesy payments and income materials, they have never once acknowledged my hardship application.

The collection agents continue to call, and when I ask about the hardship, they say they need a courtesy payment. This has gone on too long, and I am frustrated that they can’t even acknowledge my need for the hardship, the courtesy payments I have paid, the income materials I have sent, or that I am a human being. I have had several loans with HFC (HSBC) over the last 20 years and have paid them all in full. I do not know why they are choosing to treat me like a sub-human, but I deserve the respect due any customer or human being. WHY WON’T THEY PROCESS MY HARDSHIP REQUEST?”