2nd run in with HSBC through Musicians Friend

MS in Wisconsin said: “I held a Musician’s friend card and auto loan for over ten years with A+ credit, always on time, never over limit, etc. Now musicians friend (because I hadn’t used the card in over 18months) had me re-apply through HSBC.

I should have known better! We were so blatently ripped-off with a vehicle back in 2005 which caused a snowball, I mean an avalanche of harm. We were sold a vehicle which was proven fraudulent through many different documents after returning the car within 24 hours after purchasing it we discovered it was a rental with many MAJOR problems, which later we discovered after obtaining the VALID VIN # had been used only as a rental car for Enterprise, although due to the two #’s interchanged on the VIN was never stickered as such.

Since then, forced into bankruptcy after which I then re-built my credit back up by paying unrealistic and almost criminal interest rates and going through a multitude of embarassment, harrassment, and downright fraudulent practice.

Now, due to wishing to remain a customer of musicians friend the credit application was submitted, after awaiting my order for my much needed musical reeds to make extra money and pay outragous interest to get back to where I was all my life and they denied me!

It is a shame to treat paying people struggling to get back on track after such blatent practices. Thanks for listening and I hope if this doesnt help us, it will help another. Needless to say a good dependable customer is now leaving musicians friend as well.”