About BestBuyCard.net

Best Buy has a seven year contract with Household Retail Services to service the Best Buy Card through Household Bank. There are over 1600 documented cases of multiple errors by HRS. The Federal Trade Commission is working with us to follow trends. We are concerned that no-interest finance plans turn in to high interest financing with past due fees and late fees. Consumers expect the Best Buy Stores credit card to be a regular card serviced by non-predatory lenders or by the store itself. The credit and the rate can spiral out of control. The FTC opened our case file, available for your reference if you file your report.

BestBuyCard.net is your source for information, help, and warnings. See what others say. Get informed. Then make a decision. If you get their card, stay aware. Active duty military, National Guard and Reserves, and anyone subject to call up – think twice !! – see more or View the message boards. Make informed decisions. Learn the secrets they don’t want you to know. Links to software and free downloadable E-Books for HRS and Best Buy consumers. The consumer’s choice for fair and balanced information. Download software and download help files written for HRS and Best Buy Stores customers.

After paying off their account – “Then, I received a statement stating my balance of $1 was six months overdue. They also reflected this on my credit. I have been unable to get resolution from the company, and am now plagued with the bad report (1 six month late, 2 fives, 3 fours, 4 threes, 5 twos and 6 ones) that I cannot get corrected. Is there any way you can help me?” We investigate – you fight back. We investigate claims like this and continue investigating consumer reports. We receive complaint reports daily about credit rates and plans gone wrong, conversations with customer service, HRS and Best Buy.