About the HSBC Douglas Flint scam

PH in Ohio asks: “I am receiving emails saying I have funds in HSBC, and to claim them from a Douglas Flint. When I answer I never receive anything. Is this real or a scam coming from HSBC? I need help to find out. I looked up the name and that’s how I got here.”

Our Answer: This is the first we heard of the HSBC Douglas Flint scam. It is a sham that you answered the email. Phishing schemes and spyware employ tactics that could put you at risk. Contact HSBC USA directly.

Editor’s Note: While Google searches of “Douglas Flint” point to our Household – HSBC Watch website, and others, the original email to our advocacy center said “your bank.” Clearly, as stated on our website, we are not associated or affiliated with HSBC. Our readers can see how this person needs to slow down, wake up, and read. Investigate — and do not assume. This is a clear case of someone asking for trouble or asking to be scammed.