Beneficial Finance – bad company but employees not all bad

I left Beneficial last year. At first I believed all the crap and I see myself as not only an intelligent person but also successful. After several months they started laying people off and closing offices. They brought in new management that spoke openly about fraud. It was the trend to come. Company policy was being broken on a regular basis, then federal laws were broken.

The office was becoming more and more hostile. Loans and products were being sold at any cost to the customer. There is a type of brain washing that an employee recieves and then inadverantly passes that on to the public. Now with Benefical on my resume I am having a very difficult time finding a job, I can understand why.

I was sick the last 6 months I worked for them. I have no doubt that they were trying to force people to quit, and setting others up to be fired for bad practices. Bad company but not all that worked there are bad.