Best Buy misinforms while HSBC charges interest

AS in Michigan said: “I recently purchased a TV for $2000 from Best Buy, and applied for the HSBC Best Buy Mastercard to pay for the TV. I applied for the card because I was told I would get 36 months deferred interest.

I ended up getting approved for the Platinum Mastercard. Now that I look at my first payment I see I’m being charged 18.99% interest. I speak to a customer service rep at HSBC and I’m told that I was misinformed. Apparently, deferred interest is only applicable to Best Buy cards, not Best Buy MASTERCARDS!

I then speak to a manager at the Best Buy store I purchased the TV from in Midland, MI. He tells me if I have a Best Buy (non-Mastercard) he would transfer the balance for me.

I then apply for their non-Mastercard, and I was completely denied, despite the fact that I already got a Platinum Mastercard through HSBC.

I’ve had the TV for almost 60 days now, so they won’t let me return it either. I no longer know what do to at this point. I’m stuck with the TV and a horrible interest rate I can’t afford. What do I do?”