BestBuy Discount for Active Duty Military

Best Buy Stores – the largest electronics retailer, finances their in-store credit card with HSBC Finance Corporation. And who is HSBC Finance Corporation? It’s the new name for high rate predatory lender Household International. Are you looking for a military discount? Our staff here at Household – HSBC Watch has 45 years of active duty military experience between just two of us, and we recommend NOT APPLYING for the Best Buy card.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are proof of concept reports:
HSBC Slammed for abusing military
Military Horror Stories

Our point is simple. No matter what Best Buy discounts, they want to make it back on the financing, and if you deploy they will make it back for sure. Protect your credit. Are you looking for a military POI that talks about predatory lending and protecting our military? We wrote one, and you can teach from it today. It is located here. (PDF format)

Writers: Tim and Drew, USMC 1968-1993 and USA 1982-2002