Bill Collectors Calling on Sunday

Bill collectors are not allowed to call after 9 at night and cannot call on Sunday – or so you thought. If it happened to you see our “Your Money” page to see how much you can charge them because of their violation. The FDIC tells them so – use this link to see the law.

But true to their predatory nature with little regard for the law, heavily accented agents in India are calling Household International – HSBC customers as early as 6 AM, seven days a week including Sundays. Household – HSBC Watch has new updated pages for 2006 including direct links to the media, congress, and your senators so you can take action. The practice of calling on Sunday is not limited to callers from India by any means. Debt collectors in the U.S. often play outside the law but we give you the tools to fight back.

2 thoughts on “Bill Collectors Calling on Sunday

  1. Dear sir, I was trying to find the part of the law that restricts collectors from calling on Sunday, but all I find is restrictions on the time of day. Perhaps you can guide me to the proper information in regards to this subject.
    I had a caller from HSBC call this morning and when I asked her about calling on Sunday I was informed that calls can be made any day as long as it is between the proper hours

  2. I work in collections, and I am really disappointed in how ignorant some people on this website are. I know calls get frustrating, however, you can’t make up what you want to be laws. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors can call anytime between 8am to 9pm in the customer’s timezone, regardless of the day of the week. If you are having troubles, call the company and set up some arrangements, they are more than willing to work with you. If nothing else, explain your situation and see what options exist.

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