Cancer patient reported late on HSBC auto loan

CT in Texas said: “I have an auto loan with HSBC. First experience with them and definately my last. I was diagnosed with cancer and missed a good deal of time from work. When my savings ran out I began to fall late 10-15 days on making my payments but never 30 days late.

I requested an extension and was granted a one month extension. At the time I sent in a check to cover the amount of the then late fees thinking I would get the account “current” and start fresh going forward.

HSBC applied the amount all to interest and now every payment I send in the deduct late fees and it always shows I owe more than the regular payment after the payment is applied. So any time I call I have to talk to the rude and not-too-bright people in their collections department.

They reported me 30 days late last month thanks to their CREATIVE ways of applying my payments. Today was the last straw. I called in 3 times trying to get this straightened out but all they wanted to know was when was I going to make the payment.

I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and that customer service rep cowardly said “if you paid your bills on time you would not have these problems” and transferred me right after – finally after being transferred to another customer service rep and demanding a supervisor I finally got one.

I was assurred that CSR would be “coached” – this is one company that when it finally falls I will celebrate the end of a blood sucking blight on the American consumer. I never realized how many people were effected by HSBC.”