Customer Claims HSBC Holds Payments Until Late

I mailed a payment on the  1st or 2nd of month for payment due 14th of month.  They  (HSBC) receive the check and they do not deposit it. They wait until the 15th for it to be past due, then they charge a past due and and take the payment as electronic check for the amount i wrote the check. I have gone to an online site which is not listed anywhere to pay. I only knew about this site from customer service.

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  1. This is an email letter I just fired off to a watch group. HSBC is a LOAN SHARK ! Worse, the retailers who do business with HSBC are losing great customers because of this predatory lender.

    “This is the fourth time, account through their Guitar Center affiliate.
    I paid off the other times. This time they pushed my payments out of range for me to pay.
    they blocked the payment page, until the very last minute. Then when I paid, they credited it a day late.
    the next month, they cut off the payment page. I mailed it in, one week early.
    Mail is delivered within 2-3 days. I know it got there on time. They didn’t credit it, & added another late charge. I called and complained, asked for late charges and higher interest to be removed.
    They refused to work with me. I told them that the account would go into default if they didn’t work with me, and remove the undue charges. They really didn’t care.
    The next month , I mailed it in 10 days early. Payment not credited until after late payment date.
    More late charges.
    The next month, I mailed it two weeks early. Payment not credited until after late payment date.
    I was of course, then unable to pay the payments, as the amounts due with all of the eroneous late charges were beyond what I could pay.
    I did a month late, pay $100 trying to knock down the balance. I mailed it. Within 5 days, the payment was received, made it through their mail room, onto their computers, and withdrawn from my bank.
    PROOF POSITIVE ! They were holding my payments back, in order to cause late fees, and more interest.
    What their thing is ? I’ve watched over the years, and here is what they do. When the payments made on an account begin to be in larger part the principle, and the interest is lower than principle, they start making it impossible to get the payments on their books in time.
    I don’t what to do now. they have ruined my credit, ruined my ability to shop at the music store. I can’t possibly catch up. The phone calls they make to me are ignored. I don’t see any reason to speak with them.
    They have no intention of bringing the payments and balance back to the level the account was before they played their extortion game.
    Thanks for the sound off email address. THIS COMPANY MUST BE STOPPED !

  2. I have had my HSBC card for over a year, sending in my payments via regular mail, but I was sending them priority because I wanted them to get there on time. 3 times in the last year, they have charged me a late fee, when I have sent them in 5-6 days early. I went to to see what the deliver time is on priority mail and it is 2 days anywhere in the country. I am raising hell today!!! I am going to call and get every late fee removed, if they don’t the BBB is going to get called, then my lawyer will be called. My husband has the same kind of card and he pays his electronically, well they can’t hold those, so they get paid on time, but with regular checks, they are able to hold those. POINT PROVEN!!!!

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