Customer Threatened

Best Buy credit backed by predatory lender Household International

Consumer lender Household International manages the Best Buy credit card.Household Watch consumer advocates reports alarming trends discovered by Best Buy credit customers. In an ongoing investigation forwarded to U.S. regulators Household Watch discovered that the problems are not limited to Best Buy, and are driven by Household Retail Services, aka Retail Services, aka HRS.

“In response, the borrowers endeavored to contact Household’s management, including current CEO William Aldinger. As recounted in the attachment hereto, the borrowers received a telephone call from Aldinger’s secretary stating that if the borrowers again attempted to call Aldinger, Aldinger and/or Household would have them arrested. In a comment which explicitly supports and incorporates ICP’s comments, one of the borrowers described herein states that Aldinger’s underling, Tom Detlich, told me that ‘our problems tend to disappear, if I were you I would watch my step.‘” (- courtesy of ICP)

ALERT: If you receive a threat notify us imediately by email and fax (775-587-9738) with a copy to ACORN attn: David Swanson

If you have a problem with your Best Buy bill: “Please don’t blame people at the store level for problems with HRS. …and most of the time, even the store GM can’t do anything about it – Best Buy Stores can’t make HRS do anything.” Consumer Advocacy organization Household Watch states that Best Buy is responsible for due diligence before signing any contract with any company including Household International.

Detailed Information Our network of web sites collects report from consumers hurt by Household retail Services. We have over 1600 reports in our database, and Best Buy Co., Inc is the merchant mentioned in almost half of our reports.

Household Retail Services provides the financing “back end” for Best Buy credit cards. After the first year of entering data, our database revealed that Best Buy is the largest retail account managed by Household, and over 40 percent of consumer complaints pointed to Best Buy/Household. Best Buy is unique in that they are profitable and popular, while many other Household clients are either start-ups or financially troubled.

Send a copy of your complaint, if you have one, to the CEO’s of Best Buy, Household International, HSBC and a copy to the FTC (FTC may be done online.)

Send it registered or at least with “proof of delivery.” Our investigators will be the first to testify that executives of Household and Best Buy knew of these complaints.

Active duty military, National Guard and Reserves, and anyone subject to call up – think twice !!

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