Do not start married life with Davids Bridal credit

CF in Missouri said: “Davids Bridal increased my interest, finance charges and added late fees to my account due to a late payment. However, the payments I sent out along with Davids were received on time. At the time, I couldnt afford what they were charging me so I sent what I could.

HSBC called me night and day. I finally spoke with a rep who said they could put me on a re-age program for three monthly payments of $100. Even though you make the payments they still harrass you night and day and they are very rude and ignorant. I was even told that I need to pay them and make arrangements with my utility companies.

You have to tell them to read the notes when they call and tell them you are on a re-age per a manager I complained to. That didnt help they said it doesn’t matter you still owe us money until you are completely caught up we will still call you even though you made arrangements.

On one harrassing call they said my second payment was due I told them that’s not the date the rep said who took my first payment. Just so happened the first rep didn’t put me on the reage program. The rep so nicely asked me to pay a $100 that day and she would enroll me with the re-age and note that as the first payment.

I had to literally argue with her to make this payment the second one. She said if I paid it that day she could make it my second. So I had to pay early which I didn’t have at the time. I had to borrow in order to have gas and groceries. She gives me a date to pay my 3rd payment and of course HSBC still harrassed me in between the next due date and told me it was due then.

I make the third payment earlier than what they said and HSBC still added late charges. I was told that my payment for May will be normal. They kept calling after all payments were made and telling me I still owe and that my payment for May will not be normal it will have late fees and the payment would more than I can pay.

HSBC assured me when I first enrolled in this program that my payments would be around $50 but now they say $94. Every person I talked to gave different info, dates and amounts even the mangers. It has been a nightmare on top of not understanding half the reps who do not speak English.”