Former exployee wishes HSBC could have guided the faithful

Amazing, after being laid off from HSBC/Household, Beneficial in the November 08 round, that this news comes today of HSBC closing the consumer finance doors is amazing!! As of today, many of us ‘discarded employees’ have found a home in a national company and as we trained together today had to learn from our former co-workers the happenings in the branches as the day unfolded!

Shame on the RGM LD and the rest of the DSM’S in this ridiculous company to host a Town Hall meeting in Tampa last week and leave employees in the dark! Apparently, they could all read the writing on the wall when an employee wasn’t producing yet they couldn’t see beyond their own pocketbooks to guide the faithful after all they’d been through!

After 20years – I thank you for laying me off and allowing me to enjoy the beginning of a new career the day HSBC shut its consumer finance doors! I feel bad for my former co-workers – but “Oh what a glorious day it is!!!” “What comes around goes around!” There are many of us that dedicated our lives to this company when HFC & Beneficial meant something to the public.

HSBC can stay overseas and sellout in the US at a time when you were needed most. The best kind of advertisement is “word of mouth”. Let them keep running stupid commercials of the dancing red pig on TV…maybe they should take a look in the mirror!