Homeowner tells HSBC to foreclose

Pam in Pennsylvania said: “First, Beneficial has had my mortgage account so messed up I have become totally frustrated. Making phone calls to them does no good as I always get somebody who is so dense it is unbelieveable. They state I only paid so much on my mortgage last June 2008, I have proof, which was sent to them that I paid the Total payment. To this day, they keep tacking on fees/interest and have not corrected the problem. To this day I continue to call. Over a year now.

Next scenario, I recently became disabled, on 0xygen and contacted Beneficial stating I applied for disability is there anyway they can reduce my payments so I can make it roughly 4-6 months until the disability came through. Their comment and I quote “sorry we can’t help you, can you make a payment now?” duh, as I stated, these people are dense.

I proceeded to tell them, you’ll get your money when I get extra. AND if you would like to foreclose, feel free. As the house is not even WORTH what I owe you and you will be taking the loss, considering I have no money.”