Household International PAC contributions continue at HSBC

How is the HSBC political action comittee doing these days? Do you remember when John Bond was in charge at HSBC, when Bond claimed HSBC did not try to influence politics in any way? That doing so was against HSBC policy?

At that time William Aldinger was in charge of HSBC North America and HSBC Finance. H-PAC was the original name of Household International’s PAC. Aldinger’s PAC actions are still ongoing long after both men disappeared from HSBC:

Through 11/24/2008

Total Receipts $1,965,561
Transfers From Affiliates $0
Contributions From Individuals $1,959,186
Contributions From Other Political Committees $0
Total Loans Received $0
Total Disbursements $2,061,093
Transfers To Affiliates $0
Refunds To Individuals $0
Refunds to Committees $0
Loan Repayments $0
Beginning Cash $580,588
Ending Cash $485,064
Debts Owed By $0
Nonfederal Transfers Received $0
Contributions Made To Other Committees $889,250
Independent Expenditures Made $0
Party Coordinated Expenditures Made $0
Nonfederal Share of Expenditures $0

Take a look at the names on this page. Many are ghosts from HSBC’s past.