How does HSBC compare to others? See for yourself

How does HSBC compare to others? That is a question many people ask. When your credit card is handled by HSBC the answer may shock you. For example:

LO said in an email — “A couple of weeks ago I sent HSBC by mail a certified check to pay off my balance with BestBuy. I did the same with 2 other store credit cards. The former two already processed the payments and they show up on their respective online statements. Through your eye-opening website I read that HSBC has a practice of “sitting on checks”. I called to inquire about my payment, and the HSBC representative said that HSBC has not received any check, and to contact my local post office. Huh? What should I do next? Please advise.”

Electronics retailer Best Buy is tied to HSBC through a merchant agreement, wherein HSBC backs and maintains the Best Buy credit card.