HSBC and Beneficial Finance suck says homeowner

GJ in Indiana said: “I have tried for 1 1/2 weeks to get HSBC and Beneficial to either send me a form to submit to our 401K so that we can file for a hardship and get current on our mortgage but have not received the letter yet nor a fax that has been requested twice.

HSBC sucks and you never talk to the same person twice now that the local office has closed. I have called several times to request this form and everyone says “Well, it might take a few days to get the fax or letter”. That is rediculous. Why bother with a fax if it takes a week to get it?

I am so frustrated with HSBC now. When I asked to speak to a supervisor no one seems to have one. I was told that I wasn’t the only client and the fax will get there when it gets there. I am still waiting after 4 days for the fax to arrive.

This is a bunch of bull. Why can’t someone just get the form and push the button on the fax and send it at the customers request? I realize that it could take some time but from Illinois to Indiana it shouldn’t take almost two weeks to receive a form. Does anyone know how?”