HSBC answers about motorcycle account questioned

JP in California said: “i have a motorcycle loan from hsbc and i have recently fallen behind on my payments over the last 6 months due to the lack of work i have been trying to get caught back up and hsbc has been making this very hard for me to do it.

i sent HSBC a payment and they applied it to the wrong account number at my bank after i had gave them the new account number they did so 2 or 3 time with out contacting me also my statements have been very inconsistent over the last 6 months this led to repossession.

I paid them the reinstatement amount of $995.20 on the 19th of April by money order and sent it priority mail i usps confirmed it was received April 21st and it took them until the 26th to apply it to my account because they said they could not find it. During this time i simply ask if they could call me to let me know what was going on and if they had found it they never called me back,i had to call them each day.

Also they had my bike ship to San Diego and i live in northern ca now i have to go pick it up cause they want money to ship it back,they also told me there was storage fee of 200 something dollars and when i contacted the place that was going to auction it off and they told me it was not even there yet and there would be no storage fee.”