HSBC applies debt cancellation fee to Best Buy, not others

JW in New York said: “Purchased a TV with a promotional period from Best Buy. In reviewing my statements, we are being charged each month approx. $30 for a debt cancellation fee, without our knowledge or permission.

We were never told about this fee, before, during, or after purchasing this fee.

Credit is handled by HSBC. Best Buy in response to my complaint of the debt fee, said it was a matter of insurance from HSBC. Again, we never signed up for insurance, never have, never will!

We also have an account with Carson Pirie Scott, also credit from HSBC and was never charged a debt cancellation fee.

Therefore, I’m assuming that the salesperson went ahead and order this insurance for us. Anyway, HSBC and Best Buy should be investigated.

For the past three months this fee has total: $143.43, inxcluding this month’s fee! This is outrageous. Please let me know what you intend to do about this!”