HSBC approves charges that put you over limit

JW in Illinois said: “I have a GM Credit Card from HSBC Bank (600.00 limit.) I recently charged something and the total charge went over my credit limit in the amount of 30.00. GM then charged me a 35.00 penalty after allowing this to happen.

I don’t understand why they processed the transaction if it was overdrawn against my credit limit. I sent them a complaint and asked them to remove the charge. Of course they refused and claimed it was part of my agreement. Now I owe them approx 80.00 and have one day to pay it or they stated they will charge me an additonal 29.00 late fee.

Here is a copy of the reply I got from them:
Dear JW We are writing to you in response to your inquiry regarding your Account ending in 5044 issued by HSBC Bank Nevada N.A.

We can certainly understand your concern regarding overlimit fee on your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to comply with your request to remove the overlimit fee from your account. According to your Cardmember Agreement and Disclosure Statement, you agree to pay an overlimit fee whenever your account balance exceeds the total credit limit at any time within the billing cycle. If your balance remains over the limit, your account will be subject to an additional overlimit fee as early as the first day of the next billing cycle.

You are important to us and we appreciate your business.


HSBC Card Services Customer Care

The Current payment due on your Account is $80.05.

Please make a Rush Payment to avoid incurring a $29.00 late fee by clicking the Pay My Bill button below.”