HSBC asset management shake up includes murder

Wait a minute, but didn’t we find a murderer in this division of HSBC, or an accused murderer, depending on your point of view? Oh yes, we did, which must have left a job opening. And now we find out that Christian Deseglise, global head of emerging markets business at HSBC Global Asset Management, left the firm “to pursue other interests,” said spokeswoman Jenne Mannion. Sylvia Coutinho, regional head of Latin America for HSBC Global Asset Management, will take on Mr. Deseglise’s duties and retain her current title; Mr. Deseglise’s position will not be filled, Mannion said.

Previously, executive Neil Ellerbeck was charged with murdering his wife in mid November. He was chief investment officer in the global liquidity business of HSBC’s asset-management division. Now Deseglise left to “Pursue other interests” and most people know what that means. Sylvia, it seems, gets more responsibility while keeping her old title. We know what that means too.

It must be rough as a cob at the top of this mess. How many people work in the asset management division, and how many actually killed somebody? Let’s see a show of hands. Just don’t pursue other interests like Neil did, since that seems to be a one-way street.