HSBC attacks customer over $15 monthly payment

JA in Arizona said: “I have had an excellent credit history and have always made more than the minimum. The amount due was the same for the last 8 months. I received notice on the day the bill was due that I had a late fee. I checked and the bill went through my bank acct. I tried to check online with HSBC, but sometimes the website doesn’t work. I submitted an email and received an answer that the NEW amount due was $22 (not $15 that I had been sending for the last 8 months). I tried to disagree, and said that I did not receive notice (emails never indicated a change and I found out that the electronic statements had the due amount on it – good luck getting to it all the time). I have argued and tried to have the late fee removed ($39.00!) and they refuse. Out and out refuse every request. This is financial fraud. I filed a complaint with They don’t assist individuals. How do I get that charge off?”