HSBC bungles Bose account with false promises

A Virginia resident said: “HSBC and BOSE work hand-in-hand to SCAM their customer – my opinion.

I signed up for 2 year interest free credit card when I purchased $5000 of product from BOSE. I was never late to pay HSBC, not once. By the end of 2 years, my automatic payment is still $50 a month and the minimum payment is increased to $90 or some value. I was put in deliquency and HSBC wanted me to pay full interest (including the free 2 years). I negotiated with them and they promised to forgive 50%, so I paid. They promised to forgive all balance. 3 months later, I continue to receive letters and statements asking for payment. Everytime I called, I have to explain. 4 times I called. 4 times they promised to bring the balance down to zero. So far today, they have not.

BOSE is a reputable company and I believe in their products, but by joining in with HSBC, BOSE is doing a lot of damage to its clientele. I can’t trust HSBC and can’t trust BOSE.”