HSBC calls military customer many times at 5 AM

G.E. in California sent this report about customer service calls at 5 AM:  “In May of 2006 I purchased a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic at Luke’s Kawasaki in Charleston, SC (843-572-4541). The motorcycle was financed through HSBC. I purchased the bike with a contract stating the low monthly payments would be $69 a month for 24 months. The interest rate would be 6.99% for 24 months. No payments would be due for the first 45 days.  

On the 1st of July 2006, I moved and the only thing that changed was the apartment number. I called HSBC and informed them of the change of address. A female employee from Luke’s Kawasaki called informing me that HSBC was unable to use my address to send a bill. I gave Luke’s Kawasaki the new address. I called HSBC once more and was told the matter was straightened out. I did not receive a bill in July.    On the 20th of July 2006 I moved to San Diego, California.  I am in the Navy.  I called HSBC and told them that I had moved and gave them the new address. In August I did not receive a bill. In September I did not receive a bill. In October I did not receive a bill, and called HSBC. The supervisor I spoke to said he would get the matter straightened out. The supervisor said he would straighten it out, but said the billing address would be on the bill I received in the mail.  On 06 November 2006 I called HSBC and was able to get a representative to give me the balance of my account. I paid the $300 in full.

I had to pay an additional $15 charge for paying the bill over the phone because I could not get a billing address from anyone I spoke to. I did not receive a bill for November.    In December I finally received a bill from HSBC with a balance of $234. I called HSBC and spoke to a supervisor. I told her my monthly bill for HSBC should be $69 a month, as per my contract. I spoke to several supervisors over a period of several days, and it was not until I spoke to Jennifer (7F3) that the matter was straightened out. She told me I was back on my promotional plan, that the monthly bill would revert back to $69 a month.    A few days later I called HSBC to confirm the promotional deal was in place. I was told my bill was now more than $400.

I had to speak to several supervisors again before I found out that HSBC had double-billed my account. My account is now in dispute.    In the week prior to 23 December 2006, I started to receive phone calls from HSBC at 5 A.M. almost every morning. I would answer the phone only to get a message telling me I owed $400 on my account. On 23 December 2006 I received a call close to 5:30 in the morning. It was a Saturday morning. I spoke to a woman named Denise. I told her it was 5 A.M. She said “Sir, it is not 5 A.M!” I hung up the phone, very upset. 

At 6:30 on 23 December 2006 I called HSBC back. I spoke to a man who told me HSBC was not in the wrong for calling me at 5 A.M. I told him I wished to speak to a supervisor. He did not want to put me in touch with a supervisor until I demanded to speak with one. The only thing the supervisor did was remove my phone number from the account. It is an east coast phone number, but I have a west coast address.    I called HSBC once more on 23 December 2006, dissatisfied with the service I had been provided. The supervisor I spoke to told me I had an additional account with HSBC that had not been fully paid off in June 2006 after the motorcycle was involved in an accident that destroyed the bike. I had not received a phone call, mail, or email about this account in six months. From July to October of 2006 I later found out from a supervisor no bill was due, then suddenly one was due in November that NO ONE told me about the DOZENS of times I have called HSBC about my account.

On 29 December 2006 I called HSBC to once more try and get my accounts straightened out, and was told my account had been double-billed on 18 December 2006. More than one representative from HSBC also told me it was on 13 December 2006. Since then the account has been in dispute. On 02 January 2007 I was told the account was never double billed, then told again by the same person the account was in dispute for double-billing.    I have had to call HSBC dozens of times in the last two months. I have had to deal with multiple supervisors, one of which lied to me when she told me she put me back on the account, another who lied to me about my monthly bills, one who lied to me about changing my address. I have been dealing with managers who have been doing nothing but lie to me.

This kind of gross incompetence is beyond unacceptable. I am in the military, and will be contacting the commands of the Charleston NWS, the Charleston Air Force Base, Naval Station North Island (in California), San Diego Naval Base, and the largest military base in the United States, the Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar (in California) and they will advise if not outright ban the uniformed members of these bases from doing business with HSBC.

I will inform the Better Business Bureau of the treatment this military member has gotten from HSBC. I am in the process of calling several consumer watchdog advisories for the Charleston and San Diego area, and online watchdogs such as The kind of business practices that HSBC has shown me is deeply disturbing. I am disgusted with this companies performance, and want to know how to make formal complaints.”