HSBC Card Not Used For 6 Months, Cancelled

BB in North Carolina said “Got letter in the mail from HSBC cancelling my credit card. I have no open balance with them, have had the card for several years, and have been a good customer. They claimed that because I did not use my card for 6 months, they were cancelling. When I complained that would affect my credit report, they said “You can close the account since we don’t report it until the end of the month and that would look better than if the card issuer closes the account.” What’s up with that?!

Editor’s Note: A credit report will look slightly better if the account is closed ‘at cardholders request’ as opposed to ‘closed by credit grantor’

2 thoughts on “HSBC Card Not Used For 6 Months, Cancelled

  1. This just happened to me with HSBC. I have had an HSBC credit card for 1 1/2 yrs, only used it twice, and I owe them nothing. I get a letter today saying I’m cancelled, and listing a whole string of derogatory things that they say are on my Equifax report. I have not paid any bills late to anyone, and I have no idea what the problem is. I think it’s because i’ve been using my other credit cards, and not the HSBC one. I am ordering my credit report from Equifax right now to see if there really are derogatory items on it.

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