HSBC Cardholder – HSBC Payment Site Down Again

CG says: “Cannot access the HSBC website payment address to make an on-line payment. Received a late charge since I didn’t trust nor want to pay the $15.00 check by phone fee. Sent in higher than minimum due amount by $101.00 extra and now my minimum payment due is higher than before. I called to question it, and was supposedly being transferred to tech support to help me find the website, but instead I was put into a loop of menus that will sometimes just disconnect the call. The loop just kept going and going until I finally had enough and just hung up.”

Editor’s Note: We were there when the website was being discussed, back in the Household International days. It has not worked right since the day it was started. This is the same type of complaint we heard back in 2000 – 2001. When will lawmakers and regulators listen to the customer?