HSBC CEO Brendan McDonagh has changed his phone number

RC in Virginia said: “HSBC CEO Brendan McDonagh has changed his phone number.

For the last six weeks I have been receiving pre-recorded calls 3-4 times everyday from HSBC. The numbers change from week to week but it’s still the same scumbag company. I could understand the situation if someone owed them money or had an account with them. But I don’t. I have never, ever done any business with HSBC or any of it’s affiliates. I looked on the internet and found the number to Brendan McDonagh, CEO of HSBC. Apparently, the number has been changed and there is no answer. After a little investigation into the matter I have “acquired” the new number directly to his office. It is:

Brendan McDonangh, Office of the CEO (224) 544-6676

If anyone else is having this type of problem feel free to call his number each time you get a call AND document the date, time, and number of the calls and then go to the website DONOTCALL.GOV and file a formal complaint. The calls will stop. (When you call McDonagh be sure you don’t curse or threaten anything illegal. Just keep calling and complaining).

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.””