HSBC Collections Ignores Laws

Bill collectors are not allowed to call after 9 at night and cannot call on Sunday – or so you thought. If it happened to you see our “Your Money” page to see how much you can charge them because of their violation. The FDIC tells them so – use this link to see the law.

But true to their predatory nature with little regard for the law, heavily accented agents in India are calling Household International – HSBC customers as early as 6 AM, seven days a week including Sundays. Some blame it on call centers in India. Others say predatory late processing of payments forces customers into a pattern of abuse where, in fact, their payment was made on time. Still others claim other trickery by HSBC results in 6 in the orning phone calls from India that you cannot understand. Unsettling? No doubt! See Household – HSBC Watch for more.

4 thoughts on “HSBC Collections Ignores Laws

  1. HSBC Household bank called me 2 times Sunday July 10th 2005 and the first time they called gave personal information about account to Katherine Conwell a third party person. This breaks the law 3 times.

  2. ACTUALLY…per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) collectors, both first party & third party are allowed to call 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm (customers time-zone).

  3. Also, on an outbound call, if the party confirms to be the customer by 1st and last name, the call will proceed. So, the person that answered the phone likely identified themself as the customer.

  4. ACTUALLY, HSBC called and spoke with a man who claimed to be my boyfriend! They gave him ALL my account information and asked if he would pay the debt. That is legal?? I would rather donate all my money I would pay to HSBC than to pay it off. I’ll wait my 10 years. They are not only abusive verbally they will go to any length to get $150 bucks!

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