HSBC customer service – say anything, do nothing, hang up the phone

LH in North Carolina said: “HSBC didn’t process my last credit card payment on the day they received the electronic payment from my bank acct around Feb or Mar 09. I checked my acct 3 weeks later expecting the payment to have already posted with a zero balance, but the online acct showed no payment posted.

I checked my bank acct and found HSBC did take the payment 3 weeks prior. I called HSBC to find out what was wrong. The rep stated something bogus that they had to wait to post the payment to ensure the large payment was legit.

At that point I told the rep I was looking at my bank acct online and could see the funds sent from my bank acct to HSBC. I demanded to know why they didn’t post my payment which they stripped from my bank acct 3 weeks prior.

When the rep couldn’t give me a decent answer, I told the rep to cancel the card. I was promised the cancellation will show in my next statement and late fees waived. All I got in the next statement was a zero balance and wondered if that was their version of a cancellation statement.

Then in Sep 09 I get a HSBC letter asking me if I wanted to opt out of a new policy and that opting out would cancel my acct. I was angry when I called because I wanted to know why my acct was still active.

The rep said since I opted out that my acct was canceled at that time. I demanded to know what happened to my cancellation request in Mar or Apr 09, and the rep told me she had no record of such a request.

I demanded to know what I’ve been charged since spring because I knew an annual fee was soon due if the acct was still active. The rep shared I had a zero balance and no fee would be charged since the acct was cancelled.

I demanded a cancellation letter, and she shared with me that it will be in my last statement. Well, today, I received my last statement, and there’s a annual charge of $59 plus a 63 cent fee for a benefit plan.

There’s no remark about my acct cancellation. So I called HSBC immediately to find out what happened. The rep had to LOOK through his computer screen to finally NOTICE that I did opt out of the new policy, and that the acct was SUPPOSED to be closed.

At this point, I demanded to know how to permanently close this account and have the fees removed. I also told the rep that if this wasn’t resolved that I planned to go public, report to the Better Business Bureau, and even send a comment into the Factor.

He told me he was waiving the fees and that I should see the cancellation on the next statement. At that point, I blew a gasket and told him that that wasn’t acceptable. I demanded a cancellation letter directly sent to me that I may attach to the FINAL statement with a zero balance.

The other two reps promised the acct cancellation would be noted on the statement, and it never was.

This rep promised he would send the letter and that it should arrive in 7 to 10 business days. I warned him that I will call back if I didn’t receive the letter in 10 days from this phone call.

I cannot believe it would take 7 months and 3 phone calls to close a credit card acct! I was suspicious of HSBC when they didn’t post my payment after taking the funds from my bank acct earlier this year, but when the acct remained opened long past the first cancellation phone call, my suspicion was confirmed that HSBC was attempting to get me with their various fees. Beware!”