HSBC Debt Cancellation stops after 2 months

Rick in California said: “When I went to Best Buy to make some purchases I was invited to apply for a Best Buy Credit Card. Not thinking I would get approved I said sure, we can try. To my surprise, not only did I get a Best Buy Credit Card but I also received a Best Buy Rewards Master Card and had them put the Debt Cancellation on both cards.

I had the cards for several months before charging anything on them so I had no charges for the Debt Cancellation but then I started using the Rewards Master Card and started being charged for the Debt Cancellation. This was fine as at the end of last July I became unemployed and was thankful for the coverage.

I immediately contacted HSBC and they said they would send out the paperwork and I should receive it within a few days. After a couple of weeks I still hadn’t received anything so I again called HSBC.

Finally after having to call a couple of more times I received the forms after 3.5 months of being unemployed and still having to make the payments until the Debt Cancellation coverage took over.

Well, I kept making my payments and after making the December payment the coverage finally took over so I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to worry about that payment for up to 1 year. Well at the end of February I received a letter from the Debt Cancellation department telling me that my time had run out and I would be responsible for my March payment and the payments there after.

I called to ask why they only paid for 2 months and after trying to deal with the people in Asia and India I could never get anything done so I canceled the coverage and as of my May statement they are still charging me for this coverage

I call and tell them to cancel the coverage and they just blabber on about what it does for me and how I should keep the coverage and I tell them to cancel it and they say OK, but the charges just continue.

I am an American, not a German American even though my father is full German. I am an American like anyone else living here that is a citizen. I speak English and English is supposed to be our 1st language.

I do not shop in Asia or India so when I call to take care of business I should not have to deal with anyone overseas. They say be careful with your credit information and Social Security Number yet they make us deal with other countries and we are required to give our credit information and Social Security Number to these countries and then they wonder why Identity Theft is so bad.

I think it is time everyone stops dealing with HSBC and Best Buy as I have canceled both of my Best Buy Cards and told Best Buy I will no longer be dealing with them either.”