HSBC double bills for Northern Tool account

RN in Virginia said: “I wish I had seen your report before I used my debit card on-line to buy from northern tools. I ordered a light on 10/18/2008 the purchase amount was automatically deducted from my acct at that time. On 10/24/2008 my item was shipped. I checked my account and found they had again charged my card for the exact same price. I contacted HSBC, telling them they had double billed me. They said the charge on the 18th was a temporary charge. That was a way to insure they get their money being it was a debit card. So as of now my account is short, and has not been refunded. HSBC has taken double the amount from me. Payment has posted so they got their money. No credit back to my account as of yet? They stole money right out of my account.”