HSBC Dubai ATM rejects Lloyds TSB credit card

GK in England tells what happened in Dubai, and how it effects HSBC: “Subject: Banks Customer Service in Dubai (HSBC & Lloyds TSB)& Bunker Mentality

Yesterday 2nd April armed with 300 AED in my wallet I visited the new Mirdiff centre in Dubai with the objective of performing a perfectly legitimate transaction, namely to obtain cash from an ATM. My port of call was the HSBC bank and more specifically the ATM No A528. A chronicle of events is provided below:

a) Circa 10:15 inserted my Lloyds TSB issued “universally accepted Visa Debit card” in to the machine slot and waited for the standard welcome response.
b) The please wait message appeared followed by a printed slip at 10:20 am
c) Message read “Please contact the Bank”, but my card was not returned
d) Which bank to contact was my initial reaction. HSBC as my card was in their ATM
e) Used the on- site call centre telephone to report incident and to request the return of my Visa card
f) I explained the dilemma to Suraj Mukhi ? but despite my repeated requests to have HSBC send a technician to the site to open the machine and return my card, I was repeatedly told this is not possible.
g) Having previously worked in a bank I knew full well the HSBC where implying I had either mis-managed my account or even worse was attempting to perpetrate a fraud of some kind. Whilst I have some sympathy with banks in their fight against global card fraud ? it appears that regardless of the circumstances all trustworthy Customers are guilty of fraud even before events have conspired against them to perform a perfectly legitimate transaction.
h) This is defamation by any other name as the ATM machine implied I was attempting to obtain money by deception.
i) Suraj Mukhl blatantly refused to acknowledge that in this instance there was a technical fault with the HSBC ATM, and continuously referred me back to my bank despite my requests to a) have my card returned and b) obtain my cash.
j) When enquired about the return of my card to either myself or to my Bank, I was informed this is not possible as the card will be destroyed. For what reason I asked? Again the standard Policy? argument was presented ? but no explanation! How ridiculous.
k) At 10:50 am I informed Suraj I would hold him and HSBC responsible for my card and all matters related to my account whilst the card remained in their possession. Ultimately the only person I trust 100% with my card is myself!
l) I returned home and checked my on-line balance with Lloyds TSB at circa 11:15. Strangely this confirmed I had several thousand Dirhams? in my Bank Account. This immediately destroyed the HSBC argument.
m) Lloyds TSB working hours exclude Fridays so I contacted the lost card call centre and relayed the events to Momom. He confirmed there was no restriction on my account that would prevent me from undertaking legitimate transactions.
n) He then informed me a replacement card will take 6 working days to arrive and the fee would be 50 AED.
o) I explained that I was the innocent party in this and challenged the fee. Again the standard Policy argument was presented but no explanation as to why I should bear the cost. In my opinion the cost should rightfully be re-charged to HSBC!

This is not the first occasion my credibility and trustworthiness has been brought into question by major institutions in the UAE. Lloyds TSB & Emirates Airlines had invoked unreasonable actions when I attempted to purchase airline tickets on my credit card, but that’s another story.”