HSBC e-statement comes too late to pay

RK in Washington said: “I disagree with a large fee HSBC put on my account with Boston Store, and I think also Dress Barn. I was so angry with HSBC when I saw the large amount that they charged me so I was going to just cancel my Boston Store card and other stores that they have the priviledge to do thense high late fee even if it is maybe a day or two late.

I wait for my HSBC online bill, it does not come on time to be able to pay my bill on time….One more time that they HSBC charges me for a late payment I will cancel any billings that go through HSBC..

Thanks for taking the time to read this…I think everyone should take
note of these procedures that HSBC to online paying I said I will cancel any charge card I have that HSBC has anything to do with.”