HSBC employee tells of customer horror stories and abuse

A person in Indiana said: “I am a current employee of HSBC/Beneficial. I have been there for 11 yrs. I have tried to quit, but with the market being so bad, there is nowhere to go. My BSM recently strong armed a fellow AE into putting an elderly couple into a 40 year mortgage to save them $50/month! These people are on a fixed income, and are suffering from blindness and ill health, but he insisted that the AE close the loan.

I personally had a customer with a psychological and medical disorder that really screwed up his ability to realize what he was doing. My BSM berated me into closing the loan. I told the customer over and over again that it was his choice, and i wouldn’t sign the papers, but he did anyway. This is a guy who is so depressed, i was shocked he didn’t kill himself in the closing room.

There is no sense of compassion for people anymore in this business. I am hoping to be severanced this fall, but with my seniority, it will probably be hard to get. I have been trying to get fired for a year now, but nothing seems to work…and i refuse to put another customer at risk. If you read this, and are considering a loan with HSBC/Beneficial, you may as well make a deal with the devil, because that is probably going to be a better deal!”