HSBC Finance realignment moves Nina Tyzik

HSBC Finance regional manager When some people have enough friends to ensure the constant flow of positive press releases, one might consider that a success. Others might consider it self-serving promotion, while employees may see the real person in a different light. Such is the case with one HSBC Finance manager.

In 2006, when HSBC realigned its upstate New York management structure, Nina Tyzik was named statewide head of HSBC Finance Corp., the bank’s consumer credit arm. She ran 87 offices in all parts of New York except Manhattan.

In December 2008 another realignment has landed Tyzik in the newly created role of senior vice president and regional market executive. Reports were unclear about what that position entails, if it is with HSBC Finance, or the actual bank. What we do know is that while employees continue to go out the door HSBC has plans for others. For those asking what level of management is safe, and what lower levels are not, this should help to answer the question.