HSBC finds it hard to fix Best Buy credit card errors

Alan in Alabama said: “I had a HSBC credit card for 5 years and never used it , it had a zero balance. I canceled the card may 2009. I recieved a statement in September 2009 for annual fee charges. I contacted HSBC customer service and told them the acount was closed with a zero balance.

HSBC agreed and said the annual fee charges would be reversed and I would have a zero balance. 3 months later, December 2009, my HSBC account is showing I have an unpaid balance.

I called HSBC and complained they said for the third time they would reverse/remove all charges and I would have a zero balance on my closed account.

I told HSBC if my closed account still had a balance 2 days later I would seek legal action.

I found out I still had a balance in December 2009.

Dear Best Buy ..
You should find another financing partner because I will never make any purchase through HSBC, and will take my business elsewhere. Best Buy you just lost a $5000.00 sale because of HSBC.”