HSBC grabs tax refund money for 2004 debt

Ad in Indiana said: “I filed my taxes with H&R Block two days ago and have been for 10 years. I have filed them the same way every year. This year I was denied due to HSBC. I called HSBC and they told me I owe $429 from 2004. I asked why she waited almost 7 years to tell me this? She said they have sent out letters and I said well, I have received everything else from them and even took out a $1,000 loan on DEC. of 2009 and was approved.

HSBC told me I needed to contact the H&R Block in Georgetown, Indiana and see why I owe this from my taxes.

I called H&R Block and was told I owe nothing (Case # RES-7XXX021) and H&R Block was sending it up for further investigation. I asked the woman why they just don’t take out the $429 out of my tax check with the other fees like the normally do.

The Lady at HSBC said the IRS won’t let them take it out. Nothing this lady said added up and I believe I don’t owe them the money. The lady couldn’t give me any useful information and was not helpful. What do I do now? I have been dealing with H&R Block and HSBC for years and wonder how much money I have been scamed! I tried to cancel my services and was denied.”