HSBC hardship application stalled for 6 months

TP in Ohio said: “Reading all the comments on this website made me realize I am not alone in my battle with this company. I was given a hardship (interest reduction) for 6 months and was told once the 6 months was up I would need to re-apply for an extension. I submitted paperwork back in August and still have had no success with an approval or denial on the hardship. Each time I talk to someone they state they will forward the information to a supervisor and to call back. Whenever I call back they say the application is still being reviewed.

Yesterday a lady told me that they very rarely extend hardships and that there wasn’t anything she could do for me since all the supervisors were “in meetings”. I asked when someone would be available and she said she couldn’t tell me when.

Needless to say I cannot afford my mortgage with a 10% interest rate and there is nothing this company will do to help me. I cannot understand how Beneficial can continue to stay in business and why the government has not shut them down yet.
Unfortunately I do not see any posts where anyone has had any resolution.

It appears I’m all out of options now and will soon be losing my home. Any guidance would be appreciated.”