HSBC holds to 12 percent home loan in Florida

Val in Florida said: “We have our home financed with these SHARKS at HSBC and now we are doing a short sale we were never ever going to be able to pay them off anyhow. I have our so-called monthly statements and every payment we ever made HSBC put it to their very high interest rates…which by the way is 12.75 percent.

I tried to talk to HSBC about lowering our payment which is $1102.69 and like everywhere else our work hours have been cut. But these snakes at HSBC don’t give a care in the world about that.

HSBC also added their insurance to our payment which i just found out about this in jan 2010 and we have been with them since 2003.

I asked HSBC to either return the money they STOLE from us or put it toward our mortgage and we were told that they didn’t owe us anything.

I have e-mailed our state attorney will he just sent me some links to get help. I have read on a lot a sites where there are alot of people that are and were taken by HSBC. Someone should really take a good look at this company and put them out of business for good.”