HSBC ID verification in Philippines is frustrating

OP in Davo City, Philippines said: “i am very disappointed this day of march 31,2010. i called up the hsbc customer service hotline this morning in manila regarding my bonus points.

i asked the help of the call center agent (name: March I.D#X269) to help me assist in redeeming my points earned since the begining i used my hsbc Visa Card, 27 of july 2008.

here are her Question:1)
regarding my where about, info,mother’s maiden name,i ans. it immiately& correctly.
2) what is the last purchased you made from the grocery?
-i ans. this week but im not sure of the exact date because im too busy & is not my prob. anymore. yet, the date is (03/29/2010)
3) what date you registered in hsbc credit card?
-i remember it was 2008, but still i dont know the exact date.
4) she required me to submit two valid I.D immediately by sending through FAX mail.
-you cannot send the two PLASTIC I.D directly by using the FAX machine
-you must photocopy first then you can send it via fax mail.(the question do i have here photo copy machine?) so i went out.
-she didn’t think carefully what date after march 31, 2010.

people of the EARTH its HOLY THURSDAY, OR HOLY WEEK four days no office work, MARCH the call center agent with I.D#269 instead of helping me, she rathered “DEACTIVATE” my hsbc credit card account when we still in telephone conversation, you know my hsbc credit card its very important for me & to each every one. i hope management or the concern person will take action to those call center agent na ” SWAPANG”.”