HSBC insurance mistake and loan mod error

SS in Pennsylvania said: “My husband went through a back surgery 2 years ago and we went into a hardship payment with HSBC/Beneficial for 6 months. After the six months were up they sent us a letter stating we could go into a loan modification for a year.

All of this happened around the same tim as the housing collapse. HSBC made it seem like we would benefit from a lower interest rate and reduced monthly payements.

Our year is up and we are now trying to refinance and the company that we are trying to refinance with is saying that because we were in loan modification for every month we have been in it , it has lowered our credit scores.

What a scam– HSBC never disclosed to us that the loan modification would adversely effect our credit scores or that it would show on our credit reports. All payments have been made on time by the way.

In addition we had homeowners/Hazard insurance through them as well and in November 2009 we went through a local insurance company.

The insurance payment is still showing on my bill even though I have called them every month since. They say they have received our current homeowners information and it would be off the next bill .

Needless to say it is March and it is still showing on my statement and because I subtract the insurance from my payment is showing as a past due balance. What sort of recourse can we as consumers do, we feel so helpless.”