HSBC layoffs in Kentucky to include DSM

RE: HSBC employees and HFC Beneficial :: Apparently word through the grapevine (aka A VERY credible source) in Kentucky is there will be at least 1-2 offices in each district (Kentucky East and Kentucky West) closing by the end of November. This information is inadvertedly confirmed through the due dates of the Performance Management Reports (for employees) are being moved to be completed in early November, rather than their normal due dates of the end of December.

These office closings are also not going to only affect employees at the branch levels, but the ‘District Level’ as well. It is currently in the works at the RGM level and above to let one of the two DSM’s go.

Who will the branches be? Who will be the unlucky (or lucky) DSM/BSMs/SAEs/AEs to be let go? Who knows! Guess we’ll find out in the weeks to come!