HSBC lies to sell debt cancellation insurance

AE in Michigan said: “I wondered why my debt was not being paid off and didn’t understand what Debt Cancellation was. I asked Customer Service at Best Buy and they couldn’t help me. I sent an email to Best Buy and received no answer. I finally called an 800 number and was told it was insurance for in case of death. I informed them that if I was asked if I wanted such coverage I would have told them “No.”

I asked for it to be cancelled. The lady came back on the phone and said, because I had paid so much into it, instead of the $36 or so I had been paying, I could have the same coverage for less than $10, I told her “No.”

She then continued to try to persuade me and so finally I said okay I’ll try it for now. Now I find out it is not the same coverage at all, it is just to cover being laid off, or leave of absense. I am retired. How could this possibly be of any benefit me?

The lady outright lied to me. I am on limited income. My debt should have been almost completely paid off by now but I couldn’t afford to put a lot extra on it every month. I feel like they ripped me off, but what can I do?”