HSBC Loss Set-aside Up 96 Percent

“What started in 1994 as predatory lending under then-CEO William F. Aldinger finally began to fall like feathers in the wind by 2007” said Household – HSBC Watch. “People need to understand that HSBC Finance has a major credit card operation and they will try to make up earnings somewhere, and regulators seem to be helpless to stop abuses” said the group.

According to Reuters HSBC Finance, a Prospect Heights, Illinois-based lender once known as Household International Inc., set aside $1.7 billion for credit losses in the first quarter, up 96 percent from a year earlier. It said loss reserves swelled to $6.8 billion from $4.47 billion. In recent months, the London-based bank has made several changes in senior leadership, including the ouster of Bobby Mehta, the head of HSBC North America and HSBC Finance. Rising delinquencies and defaults in U.S. subprime mortgages forced London-based HSBC to boost reserves for bad debt to $10.6 billion last year from $7.8 billion a year earlier.