HSBC Moves in Iraq, Abuses Military in U.S.

HSBC Bank Plc came under fire for abusing the United States military, primarily through HSBC Finance Corporation which is former predatory lender Household International. Specific complaints of abuse come as no surprise to Household – HSBC Watch consumer advocates. The watchdog organization performs trend analysis, a project that charts detailed complaints over time. “We completely substantiate the claims of those that blew the whistle on HSBC, having validated those claims for over four years” said the group.

Meanwhile HSBC wasted no time solidifying new deals in Iraq. Abusing the military fighting for the right to do so, while signing new agreements in Islamic banking slaps the average American in the face, while spitting in the face of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. HSBC should get the Hanoi Jane Fonda award for their latest move, again taking heat for their predatory lending division which is now called HSBC Finance Corporation.

Household – HSBC Watch said they are considering calling for a boycott of HSBC in the United States, including all subsidiaries. “If the average American learns more about the background of HSBC, that they bought Household International, and their trickery, we think a nationwide boycott should be successful” said the group. You are invited to read a related article on Profits vs Terrorism.