HSBC never sends ATV title

CK in Pennsylvania said: “Months went by after paying off an atv and never recieved the title….finally (after many attempts to speak to someone on phone with no success in getting a person on the phone to speak to about the issue) we got a letter stating that the lien was released and that by presenting this letter to an appropriate vehicle division office, a title would be issued and that if there are any questions to contact the number on the billing statement!

yeah, RIGHT! That number is useless…not possible to contact anyone at all through that number. And we should not have to track down our own title to begin with.

HSBC has the lien on the atv and have to have the title and have to send it when the lien is paid off. period. We had a buyer for that atv months ago and no title to transfer.

This is disgusting and is worthy of a big fat lawsuit!”