HSBC offers cash for keys in Ohio home mortgage case

JS in Ohio said: “Have been trying to resolve my past due mortgage payments with HSBC now for over a year. They would not let me make a partial payment after I lost my job, wouldn’t return my phone calls, and half the time when I called HSBC didn’t send me to the correct department. I went to 3 court hearings now with no resolution and now HSBC would rather pay me to move then to tack on my past due payments to the end of the loan and remodify it to a lower interest rate and let me make payments.

What type of company is this? Who ever heard of a mortgage company paying you to move out. Why? Is there a kick back of some kind that I or others don’t know about? After 11 yrs in my home, I’m losing it because HSBC wouldn’t work with me. Now that they procrastinated for so long, there is no way I could catch up a years worth of payments, but HSBC won’t work with me either.

They would rather pay me $1,000+ to move out than to let me make payments and keep my home. To resolve this issue would be to give me the lower interest rate they promised, tack on the back past due pymts to the end of the loan, and let me start making house payments again.

What do they have to lose?..To prevent it again in the future… Have phone reps there who know how to take a message, direct you to the correct people, have voice mail, have calls returned and let individuals who have lost a job or come across hard times, make a partial pymt. Don’t just turn them away.”