HSBC offers no foreclosure or modification help

LP in Arizona said: “I have been trying to get a modification from HSBC since March. I ‘ve been told it’s in review a 1/2 dozen times. Then I was told by Cassandra that the payment would go into effect in October.

My request is not even in review after a stack 4 feet high of paperwork that HSBC wanted every other month.

I spoke to a rude gentleman named Wally who told me the supervisors were out and that HSBC was only helping foreclosed homeowners.

I told him I will be in foreclosure if HSBC does not get my loan modified. That was 3 weeks ago. The supervisor was supposed to call me. I am getting the run around.

HSBC should be helping families stay in their homes.

I am still crossing my fingers but reading all the complaints things don’t look good for me.”