HSBC Online Payment Web Site Still Bad As Ever

VW in North Carolina reports:  “This is the second time in three days that I have attempted to pay my bill. It takes about an hour to find the site, if you’re fortunate. Then, after finding it, I could not pay my bill because the site would not recognize my account number. So, I am still trying to get back onto the site after sending an email to tech support. They have yet to respond to my concerns. This has been happening for about three months.”

2 thoughts on “HSBC Online Payment Web Site Still Bad As Ever

  1. HSBC – The worst bank ever.

    I cant even get the HSBC internet log-on page.
    It just won’t come up. I’ve never heard of such nonsense.
    I can surf the net and go to any web site I want.
    But the one web site I need to go to to make a payment I cant.
    Funny how they will make money out of this error.
    By the way I have two computers and it’s the same problem on both machines. AT my wits end with this bank anyway. I have had so many problems with this crap bank I cant even be bothered going into it. A warning to others, stay away!!!!!!!!

  2. I called HSBC’s web support dept. I was having problems getting to the website. It was so easy. I was typing the web address in the search line. If you type in the address line it takes you straight there. And if you don’t want to type in your acct # and zip code you can enter or /bestbuy whichever store card you have with them and it takes you to where you type in your user name and password. Call them if that doesn’t work. It’s 800-298-4240 for web support.

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